Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guisborough Poetry Group


Launched / Ended

No idea when this group began but they were certainly operating in 1984 and 1985. The group folded when one of their main organisers - Laurie Rhodes moved out of the area in (I think) early 1986.

Founding members 

No details on this except that Laurie Rhodes and Councillor Dennis Puncheon where the main organisers as I recall. Other members included Terry Lawson (who became a co-founder of Outlet), Sue Penny, Possibly Tim Beswick

Meeting Place

Guisborough Library

Description of Group / Main Activities

Again not many details available but certainly it was a poetry workshop group.

Publications / Performances

No publications that I know of but the group did performances. They performed at The New Poetry Scene, Dovecot Arts Centre, Stockton 1984 / 5 and  Poems and Pints - Tocketts Mill  - Guisborough 16th November for Cleveland Peace Artists (CND) which some members (Laurie Rhodes) were involved with. See separate post on the Cleveland Peace Artists and the Poems and Pints Night.

Links to other groups and activities

As already mentioned the group (or some of them) were involved in some way with the Cleveland Peace Artists and were regulars at the New Poetry Scene in Stockton in it's latter days. Terry Lawson became a leadinglight onthe subsequent writing scene in Clevealnd with Trev Teasedel and others - especially Teesside Writers Workshop, Write Now, Outlet, Write Around and eventually became a Leeds University Adult Education Creative Writing Tutor in Loftus.

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