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Outlet Editorials 1986 - 91

A look at the Outlet Magazine editorials and associated pieces give a good insight into some of the things that were happening during that period of development.

Outlet Editorial 1 November / December 1986

Dawn of Outlet (written by Mel McEvoy after discussion with the editorial group)
We write.What we write means something. OUTLET is a magazine where the different forms of writing: short stories,

Outlet No 1
Outlet 1
poetry, dialogue etc. can be seen and shared by other writers. It will enable us to know the forms and content of the work produced in Cleveland. We can learn and improve from seeing each others' writing ability, styles and the individual angle from which we all approach the subject.

The magazine attempts to be a focus and information exchange for the many writers groups in the area. To give a true representation it needs to know when and where the different groups meet so as to develop a stronger expression for Cleveland.Information about writing courses, workshops, the occasions when writers meet to read will be available. The magazine plans to develop an interest in the different levels, stages and processes from personal experiences on the art of writing.

Outlet Editorial Team issue one - Trev Teasdel, Mel McEvoy, Viv Harland, Pauline Plummer,Terry Lawson,Vera Davies, Cath McKenna.


Outlet Editorial 2  Jan / Feb 1987

Oh Yes! (written by Viv Harland after discussion with the editorial team)

Oh No
Yes, here we are again with issue 2 of Outlet, packed full of YOUR writing. And what an encouraging response to issue 1! It's true - as we believed - Cleveland has a wealth of untapped writing talent out there from Hartlepool to Brotton. Our message is - Keep writing, and keep your contributions coming in.
Outlet 2

Some of you, however,thought we were only here for people from writing groups. Don't be fooled.We are here for everyone. So all you lone scribblers and closet novelists take note - we want your words!

And talking of words,we want to hear the not-so-kind words as well as the many good wishes you've been nice enough to send. To that end, Outlet is launching a letters column in issue 3 for all your honest opinions on what you've seen of us so far. What do you like about Outlet? What do you hate? We really want to know, because this is Your Outlet.So write those letters now.

On the subject of letters..what do you think of the idea of a Teesside Literary Festival? We think it's long overdue, and we intend, with your help,to get one started.Write to us and let us know what you think.

Also could you find Outlet? or did you have to borrow a copy?We left them in every Cleveland library, some bookshops, some information centres and other places besides. But if you can think of somewhere better, let us know.

Many thanks go to Northern Arts for winging a cash grant our way,and also to Community Arts Middlesbrough for generous loan of their facilities and for their support.

Outlet Editorial team for this issue were -Trev Teasdel, Viv Harland, Terry Lawson, Pauline Plummer Vera Davies, Richard Mullen.


Outlet Editorial  3 March / April 1987

HERE WE ARELET (Written by Viv Harland - in consultation with the Editors)

One-two-three-go! That's us..raring to go with your third Outlet.Some said it
 would never last this long. And true, it hasn't been as simple as one-two-three. But we are still here, in large thanks to Northern Arts keen and generous support. And you, we're delighted to say, are still writing,in fact more than ever. Long may the partnership continue!

Outlet 3
Our February /March postbag was crammed with lively writing, including several poems from elderly, housebound people. We've picked out some for printing. Mrs Hodgson's "Praise the Lord" -we've shortened slightly, (hope Mrs H wil forgive the editors)...to highlight her experience with Hartlepool's Torch Prayer meetings.

Writers now finding an outlet with us now span the generations - from ages 12 to 85. And that's very heartening, because Outlet always said it aimed to reflect the true range of Cleveland's writing talent - young, old,male and female,black, white, yellow or green! So keep your writing coming.

We've had several signs of outside interest in our plans for a new additional Outlet just for young people's writing. If you have any thoughts on the subject, please contact us.

And to all our contributors from Hartlepool to Cowbar we say 'thanks for keeping Outlet growing and going strong. Hope to see you - and other talented scribes - in Edition four!"

Outlet Editorial team for issue four were - Trev Teasdel, Viv Harland, Terry Lawson, Pauline Plummer, Vera Davies, Mel McEvoy, Cath McKenna.


Outlet No 4 Editorial- August / September 1987

Dear Readers ( Written by Mel McEvoy in consultation with the editorial team).

Outlet No 4
You may have been wondering why this issue has taken longer to reach the printers. Cleveland County and Northern
 Arts had to negotiate about the grant and there has also been a lot of good material to sort through. 

We have become more aware of the responsibility of giving people in Cleveland a voice that gives expression to what is happening. We want to hear people articulate in writing the truth of what goes on inside and outside themselves. In telling it as it is, the written word finds a justification and so do we who produce the magazine.

We want contributions to come from people in all walks of life and different cultural backgrounds.

The material from the ethnic communities such as Hindu, Urdu, Bengali, Polish, Cantonese and Creole could be published with an English translation by its side.

Issue 4 of outlet was edited by Trev Teasdel, Viv Harland, TerryLawson, Pauline Plummer, Mel McEvoy, Cath McKenna and Steve Gillgallon (who also did the word processing and desktop publishing for this issue)

Aims of Outlet - published in issue 4

Outlet is a non-profit making community magazine.It welcomes contributions from anyone in Cleveland. It asks the readers to share their opinions about our approach and the work sent in. It aims to reflect not only the best work but more importantly to encourage and enable people who are just beginning. In this sense,it aims at being a writers workshop, illustrating the different approaches and themes, offering constructive criticism and being the focus of information for related activities. Outlet is supported financially by Northern Arts and Cleveland County Libraries and Leisure.

Outlet No 5 Editorial October / November 1987

Beyond Face Value (Written by Mel McEvoy and Viv Harland - in consultation with the editors)
Outlet 5

by Samantha Forbes for Outlet 5
A Russian poet wrote 'there's a face behind every face'...A person hiding on the inside who defies all categorisation or labelling. In self-expression the shapes of our individual faces are revealed to one another. Within the art of writing and describing our individual experiences we reveal the beauty and dignity of every person. We are trying in Outlet to offer an opportunity for both the beauty and tragedy of living in Cleveland to be shared with each other. We welcome contributions from everyone who wants to send in their work. A standard is essential. But if some feeling or emotion is described, even in an untutored way, as a true expression of an individual's life we will give it great and genuine consideration,and correspond with the contributor.

More and more people are wanting Outlet and some are finding it hard to obtain a copy because they are snapped up quickly in libraries and arts centres. One way to secure a copy is to send us a stamped addressed envelope.

Meanwhile the Outlet team wants to say a warm hello to its latest edition...Mel and Helen's new baby Laura Marie McEvoy, who arrived on Tuesday morning, looking for a copy of Outlet!. 

Outlet editorial team for issue 5 were Viv Harland, Pauline Plummer, Terry Lawson, Trev Teasdel, Mel McEvoy,Vera Davies. Graphics by Samantha Forbes and Brian G. Word Processing and desktop publishing Steve Gillgallon. Cover photo by kind permission of The Hartlepool Mail.

Outlet Editorial No 6 December 1987 / January 1988

Freedom from the Cliché (by Mel McEvoy in consultation with the Editors)

Outlet No 6
The magazine is one year old and developing in many varied ways towards its purpose: to encourage,enable and reflect the talent for writing present in Cleveland. From work sent in over the last year it has become evident that this talent exists and needs nurturing.There have been many new approaches to the craft and with every new edition the magazine itself has changed and developed.

Personal expression is a fundamental need of every individual. It enables the person to make a statement about what is going on in their lives and the world around them. With every attempt we move from confusion into clarity and this movement is what is essentially needed in this age of mass and indifferent generalisations.Personal expression is intrinsically related to freedom. The magazine is wedded to the idea of free speech. Ideas coming together in the form of the word are vital in bringing both change and development.

The magazine knows that by encouraging individuals to communicate their ideas,feelings and experiences it contributes to the development of the society in a positive and creative way.

We wish to thank everyone who has helped in keeping the magazine going. Many new things are happening as a result of OUTLET,which will be shared with its readers in the forthcoming editions. Happy New Year.

Outlet Editorial Team for issue 6 were Trev Teasdel, Viv Harland, Pauline Plummer, Mel McEvoy, Terry Lawson. Graphics Samantha Forbes and Brian G. Word Processing / Desktop publishing Steve Gillgallon.

Outlet No 7
Editorial for Outlet issue 7 - February / March 1988

The editorial for this essay consisted of the aims already published above in this post.

The editorial team for issue 7 saw changes to the core editorial team with the exit of Viv Harland (a journalist also with Hartlepool Mail). Viv's contributions to the development of Outlet as secretary, press officer, co-editor and her great enthusiasm for the project was truly valued.

Trev Teasdel, Terry Lawson, Mel McEvoy, Pauline Plummer, Peter Stockill.

Wordprocessing Steve Gillgallon, Angela Morgan Graphics Samantha Forbes.

Editorial Outlet Issue 8 - April - May 1988

Outlet 8
The editorial for No 8 consisted of a re-statement of the aims but with a few paraphrases. It acknowledge the help of Community Arts Middlesbrough and The Workers Educational Association under the Tutor/Organiser -ship of Maude Warwick and Cleveland County Library Service.

Editorial team for issue 8 consisted of Trev Teasdel, Terry Lawson,Pauline Plummer, Jerry Slater, Mark Beevers. Graphics - John McGowan, Brian G, Samantha Forbes.

This issue saw another core member of the editorial team leave - Mel McEvoy. Mel was Irish / Liverpudlian, a fine young poet , a former monk who decided his mission lay outside of the monastery, a male nurse in Stockton. Mel expressed our aims in a philosophical way in his editorials and gave feedback to most of the contributors that was constructive but encouraging and again his contribution was sadly missed when he left.

There was nearly a year until the next Outlet owing to the loss of the Northern Arts part of the funding but meanwhile the team were busy with other aspects of the development -Trevor with his WEA classes and setting up writers groups, Terry and Trev with negotiating the first Write Around and more reflected in the next editorial.

Outlet Editorial issue No 9 March / April 1989 (by Trev Teasdel in consultation with the editors)

Note - Outlet hadn't been out for nearly a year owing to the cessation of Northern Arts Funding and from this point would come out as and when money could be raised - another 3 issues came out between 1989 and 1991but the work had continued in other ways as the editorial points out.)


Outlet 9
Just when you thought Outlet had bitten the dust, out comes another issue to startle letter boxes and library counters, packed full of people's poems n prose. Outlet was always more than a magazine and despite its none appearance of late, we've been out and about with our watering cans bringing a little fertility to Cleveland's 'cultural desert', and, we're pleased to say, new shoots are arising everywhere. Hang on for the low-down but first an explanation. Wintertide was grant renewal time for Outlet and our two year-old relationship with Northern Arts ended with a 'Dear John' letter (Well Dear Outlet) anyway! Our thanks to them for their assistance in getting Outlet established and enabling us to achieve its initial objectives....With any luck we can count on continued Cleveland County support, if we can achieve a second funding source. Irons are  in the fire grant-wise! Meanwhile we are saying to the readership Help! we need some money! The developmental mission of Outlet necessitates that we keep it free and widely available to encourage new and developing writers and spread the seeds of creativity through this wide and wonderful county. So we are asking those who can afford it and want to help keep Outlet going to send us £2 subscription which will guarantee you 6 issues (or a years supply) of Outlet direct by post. Any additional donations would not be frowned upon...

Writers Groups
Outlet have been instrumental in initiating or helping new groups to get off the ground. Groups in Redcar, Guisborough, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough have sprung up and groups are threatening to arise in Eston, Loftus and Yarm. A Federation of Cleveland Writers groups fostering interaction, would be a logical development of this. Songwriting workshops and course and drama writing workshops are on the cards too. Anyone wishing to form a group in their area can approach us for help and advice.

Outlet now has a number of baby brothers and sister magazines emerged and emerging - Exile in Billingham and Top Copy in Hartlepool. There's another one in the pipeline from Derek Gregory in Middlesbrough (Tees Valley Writer). We hope you send them lots of contributions as you have to Outlet. You've absolutely no excuse - Write Now! A new tape magazine is a possibility too. Also don't forget the hundreds of small presses around the country providing outlets.

'Brothers and sisters are doing it for themselves'! these days. Producing their own booklets of poetry and prose. How-to-do-it packs will soon be available and layout workshops to develop skills are also on the cards. Community Arts Middlesbrough are developing a new print resource centre for community use. This will make so much more possible (How about one in East Cleveland?). Congratulations to Clive and Diane Rawson (CAM worker) on the birth of young Christopher, while writing this editorial.

A Celebration Of Cleveland Writing
Nice to see Teesside Polytech putting on an arts festival with writers workshops. Hope they were well supported. Outlet has it's own festival brewing shortly in May called WRITE AROUND - A Celebration of Cleveland Writing. The aim is to celebrate and stimulate creativity in the area. The festival includes workshops, performances, lectures, displays of children's writing and much more amounting to 20 events all around Cleveland. We hope you will give it your full support. The festival is for you! Don't forget the Write Around competition,get your entry form from the library.

Outlet Editorial team for this issue were - Trev Teasdel, Pauline Plummer, Terry Lawson, Andy Croft, Mark Beevers.
Typing Eileen Oliver and Pauline Plummer. Layouts John McGowan / Trev Teasdel, Columnists - Bob (David) Beagrie and Mark Beevers. Graphics John McGowan, Sylvester Leigh and Samantha Forbes.

Outlet Editorial issue No 10  Summer 1989 (written by Trev Teasdel)
This is the issue that appeared on the BBC 2 Open Space Programme - Breaking the Ice about Outlet and Write Around.

About the Fist! (The Fist of Cleveland Culture)

Outlet 10
Outlet is growing! We're now 12 pages long and 2000 copies wide. 56 poems by 36 local authors etched upon these pages. You'll find the winning Write Around poems on the Write Around page and a profile of a local published writer on the workshop page. We've given over the centre pages to a local writers group. As as we 'grasp..like a man of mettle' the nettle of time, money and organisation, more will appear in the form of articles, reviews and assorterie, We are also installing a metaphoric clocking-in machine to ensure the punctuality of this would-be bi-monthly Fist-of-Cleveland-Culture magazine. The Fist welcomes Bill Sinclair - New Arts officer for Langbaugh and thanks to Jackie Franks and Cleveland County Leisure and libraries for financial and moral support. Fisticuffs begin in the autumn with the possible formation of a federation of local writers groups. Some groups are already interacting.A letter will go out to groups soon. Write Around was overall a great success and promises to be even greater next year. Volunteers are needed, especially with publicity, fund-raising and admin. If you can help then don't hesitate in contacting Alyson Perry ate Berwick Hills Library, Middlesbrough. Do it NOW - Write Around Needs You! Cleveland county Libraries have ensured that Cleveland will have a sizeable section in the NORTHERN ECHO'S bi-monthly literary pull-out called THE PAGE. Show them their's some life in Cleveland by sending plenty of poems and short stories to The Page, c/o Frank Jenkins, Redcar Central Library. There will be an issue out early September and December this year. (In actual fact there wasn't another until April 1990 and another (final one in March 1991) owing to funding difficulties.).

Editorial team for issue 10 were Trev Teasdel, Pauline Plummer,Terry Lawson, Andy Croft, Margaret Weir, Richard Briddon, Mark Beevers.

Outlet 11 Editorial April 1990 (Written by Trev Teasdel)
Outlet 11
Welcome to OUTLET 11. Apologies for the delay. (In addition to funding problems) the grand order of PRATT  has been bestowed on yours truly for grievous bodily loss of the Outlet layouts -  lock, stock and wheel-barrow! The newly-neatly lazer printed layouts were left one wind-bashed evening at a bus-stop in Guisborough shortly after Christmas. They obviously fell into unpoetic hands as we never got them back. Art-work,scripts, computer disc went. Despondency jumped up and down on us while we re-gathered materials, scripts and the spirit to go on! The setting up of a less flashy home-computer system (Amstrad) followed to help make things simpler. So we're back in business. Some of these articles have matured a little therefore. Sadly Mary Williams (Poetry 20+) passed away shortly after Margaret Weir interviewed her for Outlet. The article now forms a tribute.Outlet and Write Around have also been involved in producing a short film about our work for BBC 2's OPEN SPACE programme. More on that inside (on on this site)!.

Outlet editorial team for issue 11 were - Trev Teasdel, Pauline Plummer, Terry Lawson, Margaret Weir, Richard Briddon, Andy Croft.

Outlet Editorial issue 12 March 1991 (Final issue) 
(Written by Trev Teasdel in consultation with the editorial team)

Outlet 12
It is good to see so many young people writing in Cleveland today.Some of their poems appear in this issue in among the general work and in addition we've printed a special double page of work by children from Bydale's School in Marske. Outlet is however open to writers new and old and even if you wrote your first poem at the age of 96 we want to hear from you. Continue to send us your poems and stories and we'll endeavour to provide an outlet for your work. Outlet is Cleveland's original community-based creative writing magazine and is available free from libraries throughout Cleveland and from the Outlet address.

Outlet Editorial team for issue 12 were - Trev Teasdel, Pauline Plummer, Terry Lawson, Margaret Weir, Andy Croft, Richard Briddon.

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