Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stockton Women's Writers Group



Possibly in the late 70's, going through the 80's and finished (I think) mid 90's.

Founded by

By Mary Cooper (Stockton WEA tutor Organiser) based at 75, Hartington Rd. Stockton.


I think this worked both as a course and an informal women's writers group, which was popular over a long
period of time, advertised in Poetic Licence in 1982. The group / course came highly recommended by many of the women I knew in the 1980's. The group ended when Mary Cooper retired. I believe she continued in adult education organising the The University of the Third Age in Stockton.

Eve's Pudding

There were some more but this is the only one I have information about - Eve's Pudding - advertised in Outlet 3 on a fly sheet.

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