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Kevin Daws
Voice of the North (VON) was a magazine initiated and edited by Kevin Daws of  Marske in East Cleveland
in 1981, around various campaign groups that Kevin was centrally involved with at the time and including The Campaign for the North, CND, Friends of the Earth, Make Our Power Station Safe (MOPSS), Cleveland Peace Campaign etc.

It began as an A5 magazine with articles ranging from those on cultural heritage of the North to issues relating to some of the groups above and poetry from East Cleveland poet Tim Beswick.

Autumn 1982, Pamela Hutson and Trev Teasdel joined Kevin on the editorial board. Pamela had recently left Poetic Licence and Trev was organising the Multi Media Society at Teesside Poly at the time. Trev was keen to start a Teesside magazine and Pam mentioned that Kevin was looking for co-editors as his campaign work was getting more time consuming. After meeting up with Kevin in Marske, Pam and Trev became co-editors.

Pam and Trev introduced some new themes to VON including a Poetry Section for poems on Political or Social themes; Women's issues ( with articles by Fran Watson and Judith Richardson) and Unemployment themes (by Trev Teasdel and Colin Walker). Maurice McGoldrick also joined to add in youth themes.

Voice of the North
In 1983 Kevin Daws linked up with the Newcastle based magazine Northern Survivor which had a wideNorthern Survivor being inserted into Voice of the North in Cleveland and Voice of the North inserted into Northern Survivor throughout the rest of the North East.
North East distribution but not covering Cleveland. Both magazines remained editorially independent but enjoyed a full North Eastern distribution with

To mirror the Northern Survivor A3 format, Trevor arranged for VON to be produced at the Darlington Media Group base at Darlington Arts Centre.Here they had access to typesetting, photography dark room and layout facilities and Voice of the North became an A3 magazine.

While working at the Media group, Trev Teasdel and poet John Quinn interviewed Liverpool poets Brian Patten and Roger McGough at the Arts Centre for VON.

Northern Survivor
By 1985 VON had folded, making way Kevin's more focussed Cleveland Peace News and other Outlet Magazine a year later. Trev Teasdel, Stiletto Pigeonetto, John Quinn (all of whom performed at the Castalians at the Dovecot Arts Centre at the time, became regular performers for the Cleveland Peace Artists (associated with the Cleveland Peace News) at venues like Tocketts Mill in Guisborough and other venues around the Cleveland area.
campaign news letters which kept the A3 style and which were distributed free throughout Cleveland libraries. The A3 format and the idea of distributing the magazine through the library system in Cleveland was adopted by Trev for

Pdf Copies of these magazines and others in my collection along with flyers etc will soon be linked here.

Previous A5 format

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