Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Whitby Writers Group

Whitby Workshop
Formed / Ended
May 1984 to 1994

Founded by

Daphne Wright

Meeting Place

Various members' houses or rooms in pubs


Manuscript nights, in situ writing, very occasionally a visiting speaker, events and venue eg in 1988 the group organised a one-day workshop at Grape Lane Community Centre in Whitby with Terry Lawson on 'Poetry and its Oral Presentation' and Brenda Whitelock on articles and magazine fillers.

They also took part in the Cleveland Write Around festival - as part of the Skelton Library joint poetry readings with Brotton, Redcar and Loftus writers and in Whitby.


3 Anthologies - 2 in the 80's and one in 94 to finish the group. (Copy of one of the anthologies will be on

Whitby Writers Anthology
 here soon as a PDF file.)

Annual subs.

Members Include Brenda Whitelock (Published writer and Broadcaster), Terry Lawson (co editor of Outlet / Co Founder of Write Around), Daphne Wright, Carol Brownlow

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