Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Write Now (Writers Group)

WRITE NOW was formed in February 1986 as both an offshoot of The Teesside Writers Workshop and
the first WEA Creative Writing Course tutored by Trev Teasdel and held at the Albert Hotel, Middlesbrough in January 1986.

The idea had been to form a workshop group for members of Teesside Writers Workshop that needed a confidence and skill boosting element to the group. 

The group was based around Instant Writing sessions and feedback with some of the group providing the stimulus instead of the tutors - as was the case with the course.

The group consisted of former and current members of Teesside Writers Workshop and members of the Writing for Fun course which had just ended. The group was led by Trev Teasdel, following on from his role as tutor and had a small committee Patti Smallwood (also a prominent member of  Middlesbrough Writers Group) as secretary and Vera Davies and Viv Harland (also a journalist with the Hartelpool Mail. Other members included Pauline Plummer, Mel McEoy, Chris Bartlett, Terry Lawson,Duncan Rowe.

Early meetings were held at Middlesbrough Golf Clubhouse, Ladgate Lane Middlesbrough but eventually relocated to Trev's house in Palm Street,Middlesbrough.

The group took part in various things related to Community Arts Middlesbrough when Clive Rawson switch support from Teesside Writers Workshop to Write Now, including  their Community Arts Festival, Middlesbrough Festival and the Write Together Collective.

It was through this group that Trev Teasdel managed to launch Outlet Magazine in the autumn of of 1986 with some of the Write Now group as editors (some had also continued to be part of Teesside Writers Workshop).

Write Now members who became the new editors of Outlet were Trev Teasdel. Terry Lawson, Viv Harland, Mel McEvoy, Pauline Plummer - and Vera Davies and Cath McKenna were involved for the first issue.

Write Now was an enjoyable and supportive group but the core group evolved into the editorial board of Outlet Magazine by the end of 1986.

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