Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yarm Writers Group (P.L.O.Y.)

Yarm Writers Group (P.L.O.Y.)

Two Writers groups formed in Yarm from Trev Teasdel's WEA Creative Writing Course in 1989. An
evening one led by celebrated playwright and Horror writer Graham Farrow and a daytime group known as PLOY.

The group was initially split between being available in the evening and others in the day. There were also differences of approach. In the end the evening one folded as Graham got busy on his playwriting (which has now paid off as his plays are seen around the States and Europe). However Graham remained involved for a while with the day group and with the anthologies.

The day group met at Yarm Library where the class was held. The original group consisted of  former students of Creative Writing but after Write Around, include a wider intake of writers that had been involved in other groups or contributed to Outlet.

The group produced an annual anthology called Analects with a competition to generate new material, participated in the annual Write Around Festival.

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